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The Ayatollah Morteza ibn Muhammad al-Hussaini al-Shirazi (Arabic: سيد مرتضى ابن محمد الحسيني الشيرازي‎, Persian: مرتضی حسینی شیرازی‎) was a religious authority.


Morteza Shirazi was born in Karbala, Iraq in 1964. His family had produced scholars and marjas, including Mirza Hassan Shirazi, leader of the constitutional, also known as the Tobacco Movement in Iran, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Shirazi, leader of the 1920 revolution in Iraq, which liberated Iraq from colonial powers, and his father Grand Ayatollah Mohamad Shirazi.

In 1995 Shirazi was imprisoned for 18 months after which he "reportedly escaped to Syria and has requested political asylum."[1]


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