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Mossfennan is a small settlement in southern Scotland near Drumelzier in the Scottish Borders, in the valley of the River Tweed.

House at Mossfennan

Mossfennan is a wooded area part of the parish of Glenholm. There was once a peel tower at Mossfennan. Also near Mossfennan are the remains of a Bronze Age burial cairn.[1] When the Talla Railway was built there was a spectacular overhead sheep crossing at Mossfennan which consisted of six concrete piers and a long ramps at right angles to the railway track.

Mossfennan appears in literature being referenced in an old Scottish ballad.[2]

'The King rode round the Merecleuch Head,
Wi' spotted hounds and spaniels three,
Then lichted doun at Mossfennan Yett,
A little below the Logan Lee.'

John Veitch also describes the locality in The Hart of Mossfennan


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Stanhope  Mossfennan Wrae Tower 

Coordinates: 55°34′15″N 3°24′04″W / 55.5707°N 3.4012°W / 55.5707; -3.4012