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Motech Records (commonly abbreviated to Motech) is a Techno record label founded in 2002 and is operated by producer / DJ Franki Juncaj commonly known as DJ 3000.[1] It is based in Detroit, Michigan though also has operations in the Netherlands.

Motech Records
Founded 2002
Founder DJ 3000
Genre Detroit Techno
Minimal Techno
Country of origin United States of America
Location Detroit
Official website


Juncaj founded Motech Records "in 2002 with my best friend Shawn Snell because we saw that electronic music, not only coming out of Detroit, but in general, was getting formulaic and somewhat predictable. We wanted to take the influences we had been exposed to and create something that was our own." Juncaj said he discovered that there were others producing music that was "atypical" to the Detroit sound. From there, Motech Records became an outlet to push boundaries without having to prove anything.[3] Since the initial releases primarily focused on Juncaj's productions under the DJ 3000 moniker, the Motech Records roster has grown internationally to include artists such as Robert Hood, Ken Ishii, Samuel L Session and Mark Broom.

Notable artists from past and present[edit]


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