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The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia, also known as MRAA and since 2008 as MRA (Vic),[1] was founded in Melbourne in May 1978. It is a non-profit organisation serving and representing the interests of motorcyclists in Victoria, Australia. The aims of the MRA (Vic) are the promotion of road safety, fair and sensible laws, and a better image for motorcyclists. Its Patron is well known research and policy contributor, typical of the increased research based activities and strategies augmenting the representative functions of the MRAV.

It has had many successes, including negotiating a workable policy for parking motorcycles on the footpath, in a manner that does not cause obstruction. While this is tolerated in many jurisdictions due to its practical value, this has long been developed into a formal and sound published policy in Victorias, and is backed by an active and successful working Committee operated by Melbourne City Council (the Motorcycles in Melbourne Committee[2]) which has been able to resolve all issues raised in a creative and cooperative manner, and progressively expand motorcycle parking provisions of all kinds as the demand and volumes of motorcycles have risen.

MRA (Vic) representatives participate on various State and Federal committees including the following:

  • VicRoads Road Safety Reference Group,
  • Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC)[3]
  • Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC)
  • Standards Australia (Helmet Standards)
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)

One of the successes in long term negotiation through and participation on several of these committees has been the creation of the first State Transport and Safety Strategy for motorcycles,[4] issued by the Victorian Minister of Transport's Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMC).

The growth in motorcycles and other powered two wheelers in Victoria has increased the importance of including transport aspects in motorcycle. strategies

In the early 1990s the MRAA split into various state organisations with the Victorian organisation retaining the MRA Australia title. In 2008 the organisation adopted the trading name of MRA (Vic), as its activities focus on the state of Victoria, consistent with the organisations in other States, combined under the Australian national organisation, the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC), of which they are all members.

The MRA organisations in other Australian states are also members of the AMC and accessible under the portal website.[5]


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