Motoring (TV series)

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Genre Automotive newsmagazine
Presented by Brad Diamond, Jim Kenzie, Graeme Fletcher, David Menzies, Ted Laturnus, Bill Gardiner, Howard Elmer, David Booth
Narrated by Phil Godin
Theme music composer Steve Shelski
No. of seasons 25
Producer(s) Brad Diamond
Editor(s) Paul D. Piche
Location(s) Woodbine Racetrack
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Bradford Productions
Original network TSN
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Motoring (usually appended with the current model year, such as Motoring 2015) is a Canadian television automotive newsmagazine, broadcast by TSN.

MOTORING, Canada’s longest running weekly national television series is produced by Bradford Productions, a Toronto-based independent production company. Airing on TSN since its debut as MOTORING 88, MOTORING has become the automotive brand that Canadian consumers trust for informative and entertaining automotive video reviews and features that set the benchmark when it comes to production values. MOTORING gets down to the nuts and bolts of the automotive industry, bringing you stories about cars and the people who drive them. MOTORING features some of Canada’s foremost automotive journalists including host and producer Brad Diamond; Test Drive’s Graeme Fletcher; resident mechanic Bill Gardiner, Tip of the Week; Kenzie’s Korner with Jim Kenzie; Russ Bond and his 2-Minute Test Drive; truck king Howard Elmer; David “Motormouth” Booth; and Ted Laturnus contributes his rants.

Bradford Productions and the MOTORING team have together accomplished a number of major milestones over the years, including celebrating 27 years on the air with MOTORING 2014.