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Logo of Motrio.svg
Owner Renault
Country France
Introduced 1998
Markets Worldwide (35 countries)

Motrio is Renault's brand for original equipment manufacturing of spare parts and components[1] established in 1998.[2]


Motrio was created by Renault in 1998, to regain market lost to minor dealers and repair agents. The brand started in France and Italy, but then it extended its operations to Germany (1999), Spain and Portugal (2000).[2] Today, it is present in 35 countries worldwide.[3] Its clients are repair agents, garages, and primary outlets.[2] In 2007, Motrio earned about €73.4 million.[3]

In 2003 Renault launched the Motrio network, one of the first multi-marque repair networks. It has locations in Argentina, France, Poland and Portugal.[3]

Product range[edit]

Motrio provides a wide range of spare parts for cars older than six years, including batteries, oil, servicing parts, wiper blades, brake pads and disks, oil filters, exhaust systems, shock absorbers, and others.[2][3]


Since January 2010, Renault was one of the first carmakers to introduce its own tyres in France, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Spain and Belgium,[4] under the Motrio brand.[5] The new product line was successful,[4] selling more than a million units in two years.[6]


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