Mount Akiha

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Mount Akiha
秋葉山 Akiha-san
Mount Akiha is located in Japan
Mount Akiha
Mount Akiha
Highest point
Elevation 866 m (2,841 ft)
Coordinates 34°58′54″N 137°51′58″E / 34.981785°N 137.866028°E / 34.981785; 137.866028Coordinates: 34°58′54″N 137°51′58″E / 34.981785°N 137.866028°E / 34.981785; 137.866028
Location Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Parent range Akaishi Mountains
Easiest route Hike
Mount Akido appears in the background of this 1832 woodcut by Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige, part of his famous series "The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido."

Mount Akiha (秋葉山 Akiha-san?) is a mountain in Tenryū-ku, Hamamatsu (in the former town of Haruno), Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a peak on a southern spur of the Akaishi Mountains.

Mount Akiha has an elevation of 866 metres (2,841 ft). It is the location of the Akihasan Hongū Akiha Jinja shrine, dedicated to a god of fire. Belief in the Akiha kami as protectors against fire became widespread in the Edo period of Japanese history, leading to the popularity of pilgrimages to climb this mountain.