Mount Champaquí

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Champaqui07 205.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 2,884 m (9,462 ft)
Coordinates 31°59′S 64°56′W / 31.983°S 64.933°W / -31.983; -64.933Coordinates: 31°59′S 64°56′W / 31.983°S 64.933°W / -31.983; -64.933
Location Argentina
Parent range Sierras de Córdoba

Mount Champaquí, is a mountain located in the western province of Argentina, Córdoba. It is the highest peak in the province, with a height of 2884 m.

Mount Champaquí, is located in the westernmost of Sierras de Cordoba known as Sierras Grandes immediately east of this summit is the Valle de Calamuchita while extending west of the Valle de Traslasierra.
This mountain has moderately steep slopes to the west, with its eastern foothills of the softest. In the vicinity of the summit there is a small lake that freeze from about late April to early August, it is believed that this gap has given rise to the name of the hill which means, in the language of the Indian comechingón: Water-in-the-head / Water at the top of the hill
From this summit you can admire the vast landscape between mountains, pampas, forests, valleys and lakes.

The mount and its surroundings belong to Monumento Natural Champaquí.

The eastern slope of this mount is accessed as follows: From the RPN No. 5 in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita takes the RPN No. 228 until Yacanto de Calamuchita since there is a path of land reaches the base of the hill. Approximate distances: Yacanto de Calamuchita: 42 km. Santa Rosa de Calamuchita: 70 km. Embalse: 100 km.
On the western side, i.e. from the valley raslasierra access is steep and usually have the base of the town of Villa de Las Rosas.

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