Mount Hum

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Mount Hum
Brdo Hum Vis.jpg
View of Mount Hum
Highest point
Elevation587 m (1,926 ft) [1]
Prominence587 metres (1,926 ft)
Coordinates43°01′56″N 16°06′57″E / 43.032133°N 16.115808°E / 43.032133; 16.115808Coordinates: 43°01′56″N 16°06′57″E / 43.032133°N 16.115808°E / 43.032133; 16.115808
Mount Hum is located in Croatia
Mount Hum
Mount Hum
Location of Mount Hum

Mount Hum (Croatian pronunciation: [xûːm]) is a mountain located on the island of Vis, Croatia. It is the highest elevation point of Vis with its 587 metres (1,926 ft). A military radar station is located on the top and the peak is not accessible to civilians.[1]


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