Mount Lichada

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Mount Lichada and Cape Lichada[1] (Λιχάδα) is a mountain and cape forming the northwest tip of the island of Euboea, Greece. Their ancient name was Κήναιον Kenaion, Latinized as Cenaeum. There is a village called Lichada on the slopes of Mount Lichada.

Mount Lichada is 677m high.

On top of Mount Kenaion, there was an altar and sanctuary of Ζεύς Κήναιος (Zeus Kenaios). It was here, Sophocles tells us, that Heracles dedicated altars to Ζεύς Πατρῴος (Zeus Patroos), made sacrifices, and donned the Shirt of Nessus brought to him by Lichas.[2] When he realized that it was a lethal gift, he flung Lichas into the sea.


  1. ^ Some sources incorrectly call it Lithada
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