Mount Lyall

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Mount Lyall
Mount Lyall is located in Alberta
Mount Lyall
Mount Lyall
Location in Alberta and British Columbia
Highest point
Elevation2,951 m (9,682 ft) [1]
Prominence529 m (1,736 ft)
Coordinates50°05′24″N 114°42′18″W / 50.09000°N 114.70500°W / 50.09000; -114.70500Coordinates: 50°05′24″N 114°42′18″W / 50.09000°N 114.70500°W / 50.09000; -114.70500
British Columbia
Parent rangeHigh Rock Range
Topo mapNTS 82J/02

Mount Lyall is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia on the Continental Divide. It was named in 1917 after the Scottish botanist David Lyall (1817–1895).[1][2]

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