Mount Olympus (San Francisco)

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Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus 01 (15135454056).jpg
The base of 'The Triumph of Light' statue, installed on Mount Olympus, Ashbury Heights, in 1887 by Adolph Sutro, and dismantled except for the pedestal in the 1950's.
Mount Olympus (San Francisco) is located in San Francisco County
Mount Olympus (San Francisco)
TypeOpen space park
LocationSan Francisco, California
Coordinates37°45′47″N 122°26′44″W / 37.7629856°N 122.4455267°W / 37.7629856; -122.4455267Coordinates: 37°45′47″N 122°26′44″W / 37.7629856°N 122.4455267°W / 37.7629856; -122.4455267[1]
Area1,000 sq yd (840 m2)[2]
Elevation553 feet (169 m)[3]
Operated bySan Francisco Recreation & Parks

Mount Olympus is a hill located on Upper Terrace in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. It was once considered to mark the geographical center of the city, and was topped off by a statue given by Adolph Sutro, the Triumph of Light, now lost.[4] Only the statue's pedestal remains, and the view from the top is obstructed by trees and condominiums.


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