Mount Ronui

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Mount Roonui
Highest point
Coordinates 17°49′22″S 149°12′55″W / 17.822767°S 149.215352°W / -17.822767; -149.215352Coordinates: 17°49′22″S 149°12′55″W / 17.822767°S 149.215352°W / -17.822767; -149.215352
Location Tahiti
Last eruption Unknown
Mount Ronui (labeled Roonui) is located in southern Tahiti.

Mount Ronui (also Roniu, Roonui and Rooniu) is a shield volcano of 1332m[1] (or 1321m[2]) in Tahiti Iti, which is the south-eastern part of Tahiti in French Polynesia in the south Pacific. It is one of the principal peaks on the island and the highest in Tahiti Iti.[1]

It is one of three volcanoes to which the formation of Tahiti is attributed.[3]


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