Mount Tullu Dimtu

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Tullu Dimtu
Tulu Dīmtu
Tullu Dimtu is located in Ethiopia
Tullu Dimtu
Tullu Dimtu
Location in Ethiopia
Highest point
Elevation 4,389 m (14,400 ft)
Coordinates 6°49′35″N 39°49′10″E / 6.8265°N 39.8194°E / 6.8265; 39.8194Coordinates: 6°49′35″N 39°49′10″E / 6.8265°N 39.8194°E / 6.8265; 39.8194
Location Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
Parent range Bale Mountains

Tullu Dimtu (Afan Oromo: Tulluu Diimtuu) is the fourth highest peak in Ethiopia after Ras Dashen (4550m), Ancua (4462m), and Kidis Yared (4453m). Its topographic prominence is relatively low due to its location in the Sanetti Plateau.

Tullu Dimtu is part of range of mountains Bale in Oromia Region in southeast Ethiopia, located in the Bale National Park. It forms part of the divide between the drainage basins of the Weyib and Shebelle Rivers.

A rough gravel road, the third highest in Africa, leads to the top of Tullu Dimtu.[1]

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