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Moosa Ghaninejad, Iranian Prominent Economist.

Mousa Ghaninejad (born 1951 in Tabriz, Iran) is a senior Iranian economist.[1] He has been an honorary visiting professor at the Sharif University of Technology[2] and is currently a faculty member of Petroleum University of Technology. He was editor-in-chief of daily economic newspaper, Donya-e-Eqtesad.

Contrary to most Iranian intellectuals, Ghaninejad believes in priority of economic reform over political reform.[citation needed]


Ghaninejad got his bachelor's degree in accounting at University of Tehran, after Islamic revolution. Then moved to Paris, where he later completed his master and doctorate degree in economics at Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Afterwards, He continued to another doctorate degree there, Epistemology of economics, but abandoned just before defending thesis and moved back to Tehran.

Selected bibliography[edit]

He has published books and articles mainly on philosophy, philosophy of economics, epistemology of economics, history of economics ideas and economics and social developments in Iran; the most appraised ones include:

  • Modernization and developments in Iran
  • Defeat in Freedom-seeking
  • Notes on Hayek and civil society
  • Freedom, Economics and Politics.

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