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Mouton may refer to:


  • Alexandre Mouton (1804–1885), United States Senator from, and Governor of, Louisiana
  • Alfred Mouton (1829–1864), Confederate general in the American Civil War
  • Charles Mouton (1617–before 1699), French baroque lutenist and composer
  • Eugène Mouton (1823–1902), French fiction writer, also known as Mérinos
  • François Henri Mouton (1804–1876), French and Sikh army officer
  • Gabriel Mouton (1618–1694), French scientist who suggested a system of measurement that was the inspiration for the metric system
  • Georges Mouton Comte de Lobau (1770–1838), French soldier and political figure, Marshal of France
  • Henri Mouton (1869–1935), French scientist known for the Cotton-Mouton effect
  • James Mouton (born 1968), American former Major League Baseball player
  • Jane Mouton (1930–1987), American specialist in the science and psychology of management
  • Jannie Mouton, South African billionaire
  • Jean Mouton (c. 1459–1522), French composer of the Renaissance era
  • Lyle Mouton (born 1969), American former Major League Baseball player
  • Melba Roy Mouton (1992–1990), American NASA scientist
  • Michèle Mouton (born 1951), French former rally driver
  • Jonas Mouton (born 1988), American former National Football League player

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