Mowbray Howard, 6th Earl of Effingham

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Mowbray Howard, 6th Earl of Effingham

Mowbray Henry Gordon Howard, 6th Earl of Effingham (29 November 1905 – 22 February 1996), styled Lord Howard from 1927 to 1946, was a British peer.

He was born on 29 November 1905 to Gordon Frederick Henry Charles Howard, 5th Earl of Effingham and Rosamond Margaret Hudson. He was educated at Lancing College and served in the Royal Artillery during World War II.

He succeeded his father as Earl of Effingham on 7 July 1946.

His first wife, Hungarian-born Maria Malvina Gertler was under suspicion by MI5 - and in fact was interned for three months in 1941 on the grounds that she was involved in the "preparation of acts prejudicial to the public safety or the defence of the realm" and held in Holloway prison. They were divorced in 1946.

He remarried in 1952 to Gladys Irene Freeman; they were divorced in 1971. His third wife was (Mabel) Suzanne Mingay Le Pen (1919-2008), whom he married in 1972. He had no children and was succeeded by his nephew, David Howard.

In return for £10 per week, Effingham agreed to serve on the board of Esmeralda's Barn, the gambling club operated by the Kray Twins in the early 1960s.[1]

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Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Gordon Frederick Henry Charles Howard
Earl of Effingham
Succeeded by
David Peter Mowbray Algernon Howard