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mpowerplayer is a technology-startup company based in Reston, Virginia,[1] just outside Washington, D.C.. The company offers a solution for the video game industry (game publishers and mobile operators) to enable their customers to browse and demo mobile games on their web browser before buying them.[2] Customers include Sprint-Nextel,[2] EA Mobile[3] and Sega Mobile.[3]

Technically mpowerplayer's platform is a Java ME emulator for devices capable of running Java SE. In May 2008, the company was awarded with the Duke's Choice Award in the mobile gaming category from Sun Microsystems.[4][5]


Following its launch from tech incubator LaunchBox Digital,[6][7] on 11 September 2008 it was announced that mpowerplayer had raised $2.5 million in its first round of funding.[8] Funding comes from New Atlantic Ventures, the Center for Innovative Technology GAP Fund and LaunchBox Digital.[8] The company plans to use the funding to expand their presence and their widget-based mobile game catalog on more social networking sites.[9]


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