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Mr. Singh / Mrs. Mehta
Mr. Singh - Mrs. Mehta.jpg
Directed byPravesh Bhardwaj
Produced byManu Kumaran
Written byPravesh Bhardwaj
Music by
CinematographyMahendra Pradhan
Release date
  • 24 June 2010 (2010-06-24)

Mr. Singh / Mrs. Mehta is a 2010 Hindi-language film starring Prashant Narayanan and Aruna Shields. It is directed by Pravesh Bhardwaj. The film is produced by Manu Kumaran and was released on 24 June 2010. Mr Singh/Mrs Mehta is directorial debut of Pravesh Bhardwaj and features music of Grammy nominated artist Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan.


Neera Singh (Aruna Shields) & Karan Singh (Naved Aslam) are a couple living in London. Neera works in a small company, while Karan is at a big position in an advertising company. Neera is living in a bliss, until she eavesdrops a phone call of her husband. That phone call raises a suspicion in Neera's mind. Neera's fears are confirmed & she tracks down the woman's residence. But when a man opens the door, Neera is unsure of what to do. She tells the man that she came on a wrong address & leaves.

The man is Ashwin Mehta (Prashant Narayanan), a painter, an artist having a personal studio. Ashwin is the husband of Sakhi (Lucy Hassan), the woman with whom Karan is having an affair. Ashwin sees Sakhi with Karan & secretly follows them to a hotel. Neera is already present there & gives him evidence of the extramarital affair. But Neera leaves Ashwin in a huff when she sees that he is apparently not angry over the situation. However, they meet each other again. The duo approach a rapport & Neera even decides to pose for him.

Slowly Ashwin & Neera shed their inhibitions. They start getting attracted to each other & even end up having sex. Their guilt is only assuaged by the fact that they are getting back at their cheating spouses. Neera even lets Ashwin draw a nude of her. All this time, both Sakhi & Karan are unaware of it. However, when Neera says that she hopes Ashwin becomes a big artist & even more successful than Karan, Ashwin flares up & tells her that Karan's only achievement is that he is sleeping with Sakhi. Since Ashwin is doing the same thing with Neera, he has already settled a score. Hurt by those words, Neera leaves him.

The contact between Ashwin & Neera breaks. One day, Neera comes to break off with him, saying that their relationship cannot go anywhere & has to end some day. A heartbroken Ashwin comes home, only to find Sakhi waiting for him. Sakhi seems very happy. She shows Ashwin the nude of Neera & tells him that she liked the painting. Sakhi, who has no idea of the story behind the painting, has suddenly warmed up to the idea of having a baby. Ashwin decides to give a second chance to his marital life.

One day, Neera & Karan are walking by an exhibition where Karan is surprised sees Neera's nude that was made by Ashwin. Neera calmly walks in into the exhibition & faces a pregnant Sakhi shown standing by the painting. Sakhi recognizes Neera & understands the situation. Both Karan & Sakhi are shocked to see each other. Ashwin & Sakhi continue living happily, while Neera calls it quits with Karan & moves out of Karan's home.



The movie has 6 vocal tracks and 4 instrumentals, composed by Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan and Shaarang Dev Pandit, son of Pandit Jasraj.[1]

  1. "Ai Khuda" - Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan (06:36)
  2. "Barhaan Dil" - Shreya Ghoshal (05:09)
  3. "Fariyaad Hai" - Richa Sharma (06:59)
  4. "Behoshi Nasha Khushboo" - Udit Narayan & Shreya Ghoshal (08:19)
  5. "Ajnabi Aankhein" - Roop Kumar Rathore (06:51)
  6. "Barhaan Dil" - KK (05:09)
  7. "Nailpolish On The Toes" - Instrumental (03:15)
  8. "Losers Theme" - Instrumental (02:43)
  9. "Solitaire Blues" - Instrumental (01:43)
  10. "A Shade of Red" - Instrumental (05:03)


Upon the release of the film, Censor board of India didn't allow the nude scenes to be shown in cinemas, so those scenes were blurred in the film.


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