Mr. Tot Aĉetas Mil Okulojn

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Mr. Tot Buys A Thousand Eyes
Author Jean Forge
Original title Mr. Tot aĉetas mil okulojn
Country Germany; reprinted in Helsinki, Finland
Language Esperanto
Genre Science fiction novel
Publication date
1931, 1973
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 242 pp

Mr. Tot aĉetas mil okulojn (English: Mr. Tot Buys A Thousand Eyes) is the third novel originally written in Esperanto by Jean Forge. It appeared in 1931. It is a fantasy adventure novel. The author's previous excessive use of suffixes, most noticeable in his previous work Saltego trans Jarmiloj, disappears in this novel.

A detective novel, but not a hair raising bloody fantasy. It is so modern, so richly saturated with psychological undertones and pulsating life, that its value greatly exceeds the standards that one generally has for novels of its genre.[1]

The novel is included in William Auld's Basic Esperanto Reading List.[2]

In 1960, Fritz Lang used the novel as a basis for his last film The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse.


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