Mr Justice Duncannon

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Mr Justice Duncannon
Genre Sitcom
Written by Frank Muir
Denis Norden
Henry Cecil
Starring Andrew Cruickshank
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Producer(s) Graeme Muir
Running time 25 minutes
Original network BBC TV
Picture format Black-and-white
Original release 18 January – 22 February 1963
Related shows Brothers in Law

Mr Justice Duncannon was a British sitcom that aired on BBC TV in 1963. It is a spin-off of Brothers in Law and starred Andrew Cruickshank as a London judge. The entire series was wiped and is no longer thought to exist.


In 1962, Brothers in Law - a 13-episode sitcom inspired by the 1955 comedy novel Brothers in Law by Henry Cecil - aired on BBC TV.[1] The last episode, "Counsel for the Prosecution", featured Cruickshank play Mr Justice Duncannon and the character was given its own series the following year.[1] Cecil co-wrote the programme.



Duncannon is a humorous Scottish judge in London. Although stern he has a humane side.[2] He has a fondness for women and whisky.[1]


Mr Justice Duncannon aired on Fridays, mostly at 8.50pm.[1] Due to the archival policies of the time, all six episodes were subsequently wiped and no longer exist.[3]

# Episode Title Original Broadcast Date
1 "Burden of Proof" 18 January 1963
2 "Brief to the Counsel" 25 January 1963
3 "The Whole Truth" 1 February 1963
4 "Trial and Error" 8 February 1963
5 "A Case Of Whisky" 15 February 1963
6 "Orders Not To Pay" 22 February 1963


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