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Muck most often refers to:

  • Muck (soil), a soil made up primarily of humus from drained swampland

Muck may also refer to:




Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Muck (gambling), a number of actions, both legal and illegal
    • Muck (poker), the discard pile or the action of discarding one's hand
  • Multi-User Chat Kingdom or TinyMUCK, a type of text-based multi-user game or chat forum

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

People with the name[edit]

  • Desa Muck (born 1955), Slovene writer and actor
  • Karl Muck (1859–1940), German conductor
  • Muck Sticky (born 1977), American musician, songwriter, actor and artist

Other uses[edit]

  • Muck (mining), sorting out the rich ore from the poor rock in an underground metallic mine after blasting
  • Muck diving, diving into a normally muddy or "mucky" environment

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