Muhammed Emin Zeki Bey

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Muhammed Emin Zeki Bey
Kurdish writer - Muhammed Amin Zeki Beg.jpg
Born 1880
Sulaymaniyah, Ottoman Empire
Died 1948
Sulaymaniyah, Kingdom of Iraq
Occupation Historian, Politician, writer
Nationality Ottoman Empire
Subject Politics, Social issues, History
Literary movement Kurdish Nationalism
Notable works Kurds and Kurdistan

Muhammed Emin Zeki Bey, (1880–1948) was a Kurdish historian and politician. Zeki's Books were in Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish. His works primarily focused on Kurdish history, his most famous book was a History of the Kurds and Kurdistan. Zeki also produced a Biographical dictionary on famous Kurdish personalities.


Zeki was born in Sulaymaniyah, son of Hagi Abdul Rahman.

Political life[edit]

Zeki was MP of Sulaymaniyah on a number of occasions. He also served as a minister in different portfolios

  • Transport minister (1925-1927)
  • Education minister (1927-1928)
  • Defence minister (1929)
  • Economics and finance minister (1931)


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