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Sir J.A. Muir Gray

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Known forUK National Screening Programme, National Library for Health
Scientific career
InstitutionsOxford University, NHS

Sir John Armstrong Muir Gray CBE FRCPSGlas FCLIP is a British physician, who has held senior positions in screening, public health, information management. and value in healthcare. He is currently the Chief Knowledge Officer for EXi, a digital health therapeutic prescribing exercise to people with or at risk of up to 23 long-term health conditions.

He was director of Research and Development for Anglia and Oxford Regional Health Authority and supported the United Kingdom Centre of the Cochrane Collaboration in promoting evidence-based medicine. He held the positions of director at the UK National Screening Committee, during which he helped pioneer Britain's breast and cervical cancer screening programmes,[1] and National Library for Health, and director of Clinical Knowledge Process and Safety for the NHS National Programme for IT.[2]

He was knighted in 2005 for the development of the foetal, maternal and child screening programme and the creation of the National Library for Health.[1]

He was the director of the National Knowledge Service and Chief Knowledge Officer to the National Health Service, a Director of the healthcare rating and review service iWantGreatCare and is Public Health Director of the Campaign for Greener Healthcare.[3]

In 2006 he developed the NHS's framework for value (triple value). He was then the founding Director of the NHS Rightcare[4] programme, trying to change the culture of the NHS to become a higher value organisation. He published many influential Atlases of Variation. He then left to found Better Value Healthcare, and then the Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare, a mission driven social enterprise.[5]

He is also one of the original authors of the IDEAL framework for surgical innovation.[6]

Selected Books[edit]

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