Mulberry Street Bridge

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Mulberry Street Bridge
Mulberry street bridge 1913.jpg
Postcard of the Mulberry Street Bridge as seen from Allison Hill in 1913
Coordinates 40°15′40″N 76°52′30″W / 40.2612°N 76.875°W / 40.2612; -76.875Coordinates: 40°15′40″N 76°52′30″W / 40.2612°N 76.875°W / 40.2612; -76.875
Carries Motor vehicles and pedestrians
Crosses Cameron Street, Paxton Creek
Locale Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Total length 178 m (584 ft)
Width 9.27 m (30.4 ft)
Opened 1907-09
rehabilitated 1957

The Mulberry Street Bridge is a concrete arch bridge that spans Cameron Street and Paxton Creek in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The bridge is the second constructed at the current site to connect the Allison Hill neighborhood of East Harrisburg to Downtown. It replaced an iron and fire-prone, wood-decked structure erected in 1891, which was heralded as a unifier of a “Greater Harrisburg.”[1] The concrete replacement bridge constructed in 1909, was a marvel at the time, and is eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]


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Coordinates: 40°15′40″N 76°52′30″W / 40.2612°N 76.8750°W / 40.2612; -76.8750