Muli, Gujarat

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Muli is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 22°38′20″N 71°27′29″E / 22.638808°N 71.458039°E / 22.638808; 71.458039Coordinates: 22°38′20″N 71°27′29″E / 22.638808°N 71.458039°E / 22.638808; 71.458039
Country  India
State Gujarat
District Surendranagar
 • Total 20,000
 • Official Gujarati, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code 02756
Vehicle registration GJ 13
Climate Dry (Köppen)

Muli is a town with a population is greater than 20,000, situated 21 km (13 mi) southwest of the district capital of Surendranagar, Gujarat, India, located by the Bhogavo River. It is considered to be the capital of the Parmar Rajputs, who make up the majority of the city's population.


Main article: Muli State

Muli may refer to the city or to the Indian Princely state of the same name. The Princely State of Muli had an area of 133 square miles (340 km2) and contained nineteen villages in addition to Muli city. The Parmars came to this area from Tharparkar District, now in Pakistan. The Parmars' Lakh Dirji named this Princely State after a milkmaid who used to deliver milk to Lakh Dirji. The town is famous for the battle fought between the Chabhad and the Parmars for a wounded partridge.[1] Chabhhads were wanted possession of the partridge while Parmars were wanted to provide shelter to wounded partridge, then it was a big battle between Parmars and Chabhads, this war having historical importance because 140 Parmars got victory against 500 chabhads of Sayla The Parmars, while victorious, were sacked by an army from Sindh Province for providing shelter to some outcasts.

There is a temple of Almighty sun called "Mandavrayji mandir",which is also the spiritual centre and "Kuldev" of Parmar Rajputs.It is said that one of the Parmar King Sachoji was a big donor and worshiper of Mandavrayji.He has a rule of giving any thing which is asked to him.Once he was being asked to give a lion alive and by the help of Mandavrayji he was able to give that lion alive till today this fact is so much popular in Muli village.

Educational Institutes[edit]

  • Matushri Dahiben Rajpal Girls High School
  • Anopchand Rajpal Boys High School
  • TejendraPrashad Boys High School

Places of interest[edit]

Places of interest include:

  • Sadawadi
  • Shaligram Haveli is reputed to be one of the most holy and spiritual places of Muli because the Hindu god Shri Krishna stayed here for six months
  • MandavRayji Mandir (Temple of the Sun) is the spiritual centre of the Parmar Rajputs.
  • DarbarGadh (Himmat Bhuvan), At Darbar paa
  • Raj Mahel (Ambika Palace) owned by The Current Muli State Shri Thakor saheb Jitendrasinhji Parmar.
  • કવિ સમ્રાટ સદ્દ્ગુરુ શ્રી બ્રહ્મમાનંદસ્વામી

Swaminarayan Temple[edit]

There is a famous temple and a place of worship to Swaminarayan which is famous by the name of Shree Swaminarayan mandir Muli

Founder of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Muli

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Founder is a Shree Brahamanand Swami,

Temple of place[edit]

There is a Best carving Haveli, Shree HarikrushnaMaharaj,Radhakrushna dev & Dharma dev-bhakti mata in main Temple & Sabhamandap, Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj, Free Guest house etc.


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