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Mulve, previously known as 'Search', was a short lived music download portable application that provided a front end for downloading music tracks from the Russian site Vkontakte. The application development started out as 'a hobby idea' as per one of the creators, however due to the operator of Mulve being arrested by the UK police,[1] the developers decided to discontinue the development and release the source code of the application on Google Code.[2] He has since been released.

The program was first made available in January 2008 in beta version to users of EVE Online forums and then final version was launched to the general public in May 2010, with the development discontinued in October 2010. For a short time in autumn 2010, due to online word-of-mouth and some articles about it, it seemed a popular alternative to peer-to-peer and despite labeling itself as "music discovery program", it was basically used for downloading unauthorized copies of music.[3]


On January 2008, a user by the name of 'Ryysa' on EVE Online forums posted a new thread asking people to stress test an application he was working on, which he had named 'Search'.

"Hello. I have been developing a small windows program on the side every now and then, which allows you to search and download music, fast. Downloads are done via HTTP, you can find nearly any music on there at good quality.I have made it for myself, but quite a lot of my friends have tested it, and after fixing some bugs it seems to work fine.Be aware, that you are downloading this at your own risk. In short - if you install a keylogger on your computer, don't blame me later. You'll just have to trust me (or virustotal) that this file is clean."

After many months of testing, the program was renamed to 'Mulve' and released on the web on May 2010.


  • Portable application. Only Windows supported as of September.
  • Relatively small size - 1.7 MB.
  • A minimalist user interface.
  • Automated updating, although this service was discontinued as of version 1.10 due to traffic issues.
  • A small 90px ad banner on the top of the program.


The application was a front end to the Russian site Vkontakte. The application allowed the users to search through the site's databases and turned up results which allowed the users to download the song they wanted.


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