Mumtaz Khan Akbar

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Mumtaz Khan Akbar
Born (1959-02-10) February 10, 1959 (age 58)
Occupation Businessman

Mumtaz Khan Akbar (Urdu: ممتاز خان اکبر‎) is founder and owner of the Mumtaz brand. He was born in Mera Qadir, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan on 10 February 1959 and joined his family in Britain in 1972. Mumtaz Khan has since become one of the richest men in Yorkshire and Lancashire, with a personal wealth of £86 million (2016)[1]

Mumtaz Khan is the Governor of the first bank to open in Azad Kashmir. He is also known for his charitable work throughout the UK and Pakistan. In 2012 he received two doctorates. One from the University of Bradford and the other from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Mumtaz Khan is the founder of Halal Baby Food and Mumtaz group of Industries.[2]

Mumtaz group of Industries have now built a factory in Bradford, Spain, Malaysia and Switzerland. Mumtaz has recently said in an interview that the Bradford factory is his way of giving back to Bradford.[3] Mumtaz Khan Akbar owns Mumtaz Restaurant, Mumtaz Food Industries and Mumtaz Group.

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