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Muonio (Muonionjoki, Muonio älv, Muonioälven)
Muoniojoki Kolari Pajala.jpg
Muonio River in mid-July 2003
Countries Sweden, Finland
 - coordinates 68°29′04″N 22°17′45″E / 68.48444°N 22.29583°E / 68.48444; 22.29583
Mouth Torne River
 - coordinates 67°10′51″N 23°33′30″E / 67.18083°N 23.55833°E / 67.18083; 23.55833Coordinates: 67°10′51″N 23°33′30″E / 67.18083°N 23.55833°E / 67.18083; 23.55833
Length 387 km (240 mi) [1]
Basin 14,430 km2 (5,571 sq mi) [1]
 - average 165 m3/s (5,827 cu ft/s) [1]

The Muonio (Finnish: Muonionjoki; Swedish: Muonio älv) is a river in northern Finland and Sweden. It is a tributary of the Tornio. Together the two rivers form the national border between Finland and Sweden. The river is 230 kilometres long.


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