Muriel Mussells Seyfert

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Muriel M. Seyfert
Muriel E Mussells Seyfert.png
Born(1909-02-03)February 3, 1909
DiedNovember 9, 1997(1997-11-09) (aged 88)
Resting placeHall County Memorial Park, Gainesville, GA
34°16′06″N 83°51′46″W / 34.26833°N 83.86278°W / 34.26833; -83.86278
Scientific career
FieldsAstronomer, Portrait artist

Muriel E. Mussells Seyfert (born Muriel Elizabeth Mussells, 3 February 1909 – 9 November 1997) was an American astronomer best known for discovery of "ring nebulae" (planetary nebulae) in the Milky Way while working at the Harvard College Observatory in 1936.

Early life[edit]

Muriel was born on 3 February 1909 in Danvers, Massachusetts, the daughter of George and Stella Mussells.[1]

Scientific contributions[edit]

Mussells Seyfert was employed as a human computer at the Harvard College Observatory. She is best known for discovery of new ring nebulae in the Milky Way.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Sylvia Mussells Lindsay, wife of Eric Mervyn Lindsay, was Muriel's sister. In May 20, 1935, she married Carl Keenan Seyfert[3] after whom the Seyfert galaxies and the Seyfert's Sextet were named. The couple had two children.


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