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For the given name, see Murilo (given name).
Murilo is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Murilo Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Landsat picture of Murilo Atoll

Murilo is a village, atoll, and municipality in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.[1]

It is located 9 km to the NE of Nomwin Atoll and 101 km to the NNE of Chuuk Lagoon.[2] Its population is over a 1,000 people. Together with Nomwin, Ruo, and Fananu they form the Hall Islands.

In 2010, the people of this small atoll ate at a "feast" of poisonous, critically endangered hawksbill turtles - 96 got seriously ill, 6 died, 4 of them children. Coordinates: 8°41′33″N 152°20′21″E / 8.69250°N 152.33917°E / 8.69250; 152.33917


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