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The river Muru empties into Gjende lake next to Memurubu.
Muru river flowing down Murudalen towards Memurubu

Muru is a river in Jotunheimen in southern Norway. It originates at the glacier Austre Memurubrean and runs through Memurudalen then finally empties into the lake Gjende right next to Memurubu. The river is approximately 10 kilometres (6 mi) long and is the primary source for the lake Gjende.

One of the unique aspects of Gjende is that the water has a distinct green color. The green color is the result from glacier runoff containing clay (rock flour). Looking down towards Memurubu one can see the river Muru coloring the water with a light colored runoff.

The river is used for kayaking. However there is no nearby road access and kayakers must carry their kayaks up the river.

Memurubu is a popular starting point for hikers wishing to travel across Besseggen.

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Coordinates: 61°29′15″N 8°37′50″E / 61.4875°N 8.6306°E / 61.4875; 8.6306