Muse Breaks

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Muse Breaks
Studio album by J.Viewz
Released March 2005
Genre Electronic
Label Deeplay Music
Producer Jonathan Dagan
J.Viewz chronology
Muse Breaks The Besides EP

Muse Breaks is the debut album of J.Viewz. It was released on the Swedish label, Deeplay Music, in April 2005. This album has been released worldwide by Deeplay Music (Sweden). Just before its release, the trance duo Infected Mushroom released a remix of "Muse Breaks" on their album IM the Supervisor. This album sold close to 90,000 copies and made the remix a dancefloor hit.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Under The Sun"
  2. "Muse Breaks"
  3. "Worth Light"
  4. "When Silent It Speaks"
  5. "Your Country"
  6. "Room For Me, Room For Sweets"
  7. "Meantime"
  8. "Sunswoop"
  9. "Feeler"
  10. "Two Steps Away"
  11. "Protected"