Music Machine (Candle album)

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Music Machine: The Fruit Of The Spirit
Studio album by Candle
Released 1977
Recorded 1977
Genre Children's music, Christian music
Label Birdwing records
Candle chronology
Music Machine (1977) Music Machine II: All About Love (1978)

Music Machine (AKA The Music Machine: The Fruit of the Spirit or Music Machine: A Musical Adventure Teaching the Fruit of the Spirit to All Ages) (1977) is a Christian children's album by Candle. It is set in Agapeland, and teaches children about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It features the characters Stevie and Nancy. It spawned a series of spin-off Music Machine albums albums, books, a video game and Music Machine movies too.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A Land Called Love" (Frank Hernandez / Sherry Saunders)
  2. "Music Machine" (Frank Hernandez / Jim Patton / Dee Patton)
  3. "The Whistle Song" (Frank Hernandez / Sherry Saunders)
  4. "Smile" (Georgian Banov / Winnie Cook-Banov)
  5. "The String Song" (Mark Pendergrass)
  6. "Patience (Herbert the Snail)" (Frank Hernandez / Sherry Saunders)
  7. "Gentleness" (Georgian Banov / Winnie Cook-Banov)
  8. "Faith" (Frank Hernandez / Sherry Saunders)
  9. "Joy" (Jim Patton / Dee Patton)
  10. "Peace" (Wayne Zeitner)
  11. "Goodness" (Mike Milligan)
  12. "Love" (Frank Hernandez / Sherry Saunders)
  13. "Self Control" (Mike Milligan)
  14. "Kindness" (Georgian Banov / Winnie Cook-Banov)
  15. "Music Machine (Reprise)" (Frank Hernandez / Jim Patton / Dee Patton)


  • Producer - Fletch Wiley
  • Executive producer - Tony Salerno
  • Arranged by - Fletch Wiley
  • Cover and interior art - Mark Pendergrass, Paul Annan
  • Recording engineers: Bob Pickering, Chuck Mandernach, Bob Cotton
  • Mixed by: Bob Pickering, Fletch Wiley
  • Recorded at: January Sound in Dallas, TX, Associated Recording Studio in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Adult singers - Candle
  • Stevie - Winton Nicholson
  • Nancy - Jeanne Vetter
  • Soloists - Wayne Zeitner, Mark Pendergrass, Frank Hernandez, Pennie Motter, Sherry Saunders, Mike Milligan, Georgian Banov, Jeanne Vetter
  • Children singers - The Agape Force Prep School, Lindale, TX, World Challenge, Inc. in Lindale, TX
  • Drums - Gerry Beaver and Steve Houghton
  • Guitars - Hadley Hockensmith
  • Bass guitars - Jake Pittman, Bob Parr, Hadley Hockensmith
  • Keyboards - George Bea, "Whitey" Thomas, Harlan Rogers
  • Synthesizer - Tom Autry
  • Trumpets - Galen Jeter and Joe Rodriguez
  • Trombones - Bill Guthrie, John Osborne
  • Clarinets - Art Osborne
  • Flute and piccolo - Pat Greenler