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Music Machine is a series of children's Christian musical albums that were made by Candle and Agape Force that all took place in a "Land Called Love," Agapeland. Most of these were released on Birdwing/Sparrow Records. Music Machine recordings usually centered on Stevie and Nancy's adventures in Agapeland (along with Mr. Conductor and the Music Machine itself). The album titled Music Machine Club Fun Album centered on the characters known as Sloops that were introduced on the Dove Award winning Music Machine II: All About Love.


The Music Machine series had three official albums and a few spin-offs.

  1. Music Machine (AKA Music Machine: Fruit of the Spirit)
  2. Music Machine II (AKA Music Machine II: All About Love)
  3. Music Machine III (AKA Music Machine III: The Majesty of God)

Songs from the Music Machine series also appeared in different forms on:


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