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Music Voyager
Studio album by
Released10 April 2003
LabelOcean Butterflies
JJ Lin chronology
Music Voyager

Music Voyager (Chinese: 樂行者) is the debut studio album by Singaporean singer JJ Lin, released on 10 April 2003 by Ocean Butterflies.[1][2][3]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by JJ Lin.

1."I'm The One" (就是我)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Case Woo3:14
2."Books" (会读书)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Kenn C.3:28
3."Wings" (翅膀)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Goh Kheng Long (吴庆隆)3:41
4."Planet" (星球)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)梁定江, Case Woo3:45
5."Freeze" (冻结)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Goh Kheng Long (吴庆隆)4:47
6."Pressure" (压力)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Li Nai Gang (李乃刚)3:10
7."The Girls" (女儿家)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Case Woo3:09
8."Heaven's Kiss" (星空下的吻)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔), Eric Lin (林秋离)Kenn C.3:44
9."My Beloved" (让我心动的人)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)梁定江, Case Woo3:32
10."Someday" (会有那么一天)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)屠颖4:08
11."I Don't Know" (不懂)Teoh Sze Er (张思尔)Goh Kheng Long (吴庆隆)4:31
Total length:41:09


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