Music of Tibet (album)

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Music of Tibet
Music of Tibet.jpg
Studio album by The Gyuto Monks
Released 1967 (LP) 2005 (CD)
Recorded 1967
Genre Ethnic
Label GemsTone
Producer Huston Smith

Music of Tibet[1] is a historic recording, made by world religion scholar Huston Smith in 1967.[2] While traveling in India, Smith was staying at the Gyuto Monastery. While listening to the monks chanting, he realized that each monk was producing multiple overtones for each note, creating a chord from a single voice. He made a recording of the chanting and had engineers at MIT confirm the phenomenon, which is known as overtone singing.[3]

The recording was originally released as an LP on Anthology Records. In 2005 the master tapes were digitized for a CD on the GemsTone label. Royalties from sales of the CD go to the Gyuto Tantric University in India.

Track listing[edit]

  • 1 Drumbeat to Summon the Deities
  • 2 Guhyasamaja Tantra (Excerpt)
  • 3 A Prayer for Refuge
  • 4 Invocation of mGon-po
  • 5 Invocation of Mahakala
  • 6 Prayer of Absolution and Purification
  • 7 Selections from Guhyasamaja Tantra (Chapter 5)
  • 8 Prayer to mGon-po (Mahakala)
  • 9 Prayer to Hla-Mo
  • 10 Prayer to Chos-Gyal (Dharmaraja or Yama)
  • 11 Prayer for the Preservation of the Buddha Dharma
  • 12 Invocation of Mahakala
  • 13 Prayer to Mahakala


  • Mickey Hart - Technical Assistance
  • Nick Morgan - Technical Assistance
  • David Schonbrunn - Technical Assistance
  • Romio Shrestha - Images
  • Huston Smith - Engineer, Liner Notes


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