Musical instruments of Rajasthan

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The Musical instruments of Rajasthan include:[1] [2] [3] [4]

Raavan Hatha[edit]

Raavan Hatha, or 'Raavan's Hand' is a string instrument modelled from a legend telling the story of how the creature called Raavan came upon his death by Lord Rama in Sri Lanka. Fifteen metallic pegs run along the stem of the instrument representing Raavan's fifteen fingers. The two wooden pegs behind the stem represent his thumbs. The coconut base represents the shoulder and the strings represent the nerves.


The seventeen-string kamaicha, or khamaycha, is a string instrument constructed out of a piece of mango wood, featuring a round resonator covered in goat leather.

Three of its strings are made of goat intestine, while the other fourteen are made of steel. It is one of the oldest string instruments in the world played with a bow[citation needed]. It is a key presence in Rajasthani folk music.veer


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