Musique(s) électronique(s) : les bruitistes et leur descendance

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Musique(s) électronique(s)
Directed byJérémie Carboni
Screenplay byJérémie Carboni
StarringJean Michel Jarre
Émilie Simon
Moriarty (band)
Teho Teardo
CinematographyVincent Warnke-Dhérines
Edited byJérémie Carboni
Zerkalo production / Kywan production
Running time
85 minutes

Musique(s) électronique(s) is a documentary film (cinema) shot between 2010 and 2012 by the filmmaker Jérémie Carboni.[1]


It is a documentary about a history of electronic music and musique concrète, Experimental Music from Luigi Russolo's 1913 manifesto The Art of Noises to the new generation. Some composers as Jean Michel Jarre, Emilie Simon, François Bayle, Michel Chion, Christian Zanési, Teho Teardo, talk about how (and why) they composed electronic music pieces. The film's premiere was screened in Paris, on June 19, 2013 at the La Gaîté Lyrique theatre.[2]



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