Mustard Seed International

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Mustard Seed International
FounderLillian Dickson
Founded atFormosa

Mustard Seed International (MSI) is an interdenominational, Christian missionary organization that also provides public health services.[1] It was established in Formosa (now Taiwan) by Lillian Dickson following World War II.[2] Its stated purpose is "to present Christ to all we meet."[3] After the war, Dickson and her husband returned to Formosa to further establish their ministry. Subsequently, Lillian took a more active role in the ministry work that would one day be known as "The Mustard Seed" and later Mustard Seed International.[4] MSI has been relevant to tens of thousands of people in over sixty years.[5] The organization includes partnerships and initiatives in India, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The organization also runs clinics worldwide and assists in establishing public health interventions.[5]


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