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My Channel
Launched 28 February 2006
Owned by Grupo Record
Formerly called Eat Cinema
Sky Channel 203
Eutelsat 28A 11344 V 27500 2/3

My Channel is a British television channel which launched on 28 February 2006 as Eat Cinema, originally targeted at mainstream cinema audiences. As of 2011 it broadcasts entertainment, documentaries, fashion programmes, featured film news, listings, and sneak previews seven days a week.

The channel was originally a joint venture between multi-platform digital television company Enteraction TV (ETV) and trade body All Industry Marketing for fashion, cinema and publicity. On 3 January 2007, the channel changed its name from Eat Cinema to My Channel. During the months prior to this date, the channel had reduced its cinema related content. Until 27 November 2007, the schedule consisted of three old L!VE TV programmes, Lie Detector, The Why Files and Indecent Proposals. These programmes were repeated daily, with no advertisement breaks and no on-screen channel logo.

On 27 November 2007, the channel was acquired by Record Media Group, all content was changed, and an on-screen channel logo added; as of 2011 the channel is controlled by Record TV Network, a UK-based operator and licensee of over 150 channels worldwide.

My Channel is available on Sky channel 203. My Channel swapped EPG numbers with 'Channel TBC' on 14 June 2010. My Channel was previously on EPG number 171.

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As of 2016/5:


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