My Friend (SG Wannabe album)

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My Friend
SG Wannabe My Friend.jpg
Studio album by SG Wannabe
Released April 24, 2008 (2008-04-24)
Genre K-pop
Language Korean
Label Mnet Media
Producer Cho Young-chul, Lee Min-soo
SG Wannabe chronology
Story In New York
(2007)Story In New York2007
My Friend
Gift From SG Wannabe
(2008)Gift From SG Wannabe2008
Singles from SG Wannabe
  1. "I Miss You"
    Released: April 3, 2008
  2. "Lalala"
    Released: April 24, 2008
  3. "Smooth Break Up"
    Released: April 24, 2008

My Friend is the fifth Korean studio album by SG Wannabe. As of April 23, 2008, SG Wannabe's fifth album had 85,000 pre-orders and counting. The album was slated to be released on April 24 with fourteen new tracks, including a Japanese version of "I Miss You" ("보고싶어").

SG Wannabe's new member, Lee Seok Hun, also made his debut performance on April 24 on Mnet's M!CountDown, singing the first track, "Lalala", on the new album.

Music videos[edit]

Two version of music video were released for "Lalala". The first version featured former Jewelry member, Cho Min Ah, Yoo In-young, and Seo Jun-young. Part 2 of the music video featured music by M to M's third album. The second version of the music video featured the SG Wannabe members.

The music video for "Smooth Break Up" featured SG Wannabe, T-ara's Hyomin and Qri, and Spica's Jiwon.

The music video for "I Miss You" was for Yeon Ga 2008, which featured Song Seung-heon, Park Yong-ha, Ha Seok-jin and more.

Notable tracks[edit]


"Lalala" was SG Wannabe's title track for this album. Instead of a ballad track, "Lalala" had country-style tempo and was enjoyed by many fans.

"Smooth Break Up"[edit]

"Smooth Break Up" was SG Wannabe's follow-up track. "Smooth Break Up" is a medium-tempo song combined with a Latin beat.

"I Miss You"[edit]

"I Miss You" was also a track for Yeon Ga 2008. "I Miss You" is a touching ballad song. Both versions of "I Miss You" ("보고싶어") were recorded with their former member Chae Dong Ha. The Korean one was recorded with 4 people and the Japanese version was recorded by the original members.[1]

Track listing[edit]

※ Tracks in Bold are promotional singles in each album.[2]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangements Length
1. "라라라" ("Lalala") Ahn Young Min Cho Young Soo Cho Young Soo  
2. "멋지게 이별" ("Smooth Break Up") Ahn Young Min Cho Young Soo Cho Young Soo  
3. "사랑하니까" ("Because of Love") Kim Do Hoon, Choi Gab Won Kim Do Hoon Kim Do Hoon  
4. "보고싶어" ("I Miss You") Ahn Young Min Cho Young Soo Cho Young Soo  
5. "그녀의 소식" ("About Her") Ahn Young Min Seo Jae Ha Seo Jae Ha  
6. "멜로디" ("Melody") Min Myung Ki Min Myung Ki Park Dong Kyu  
7. "Kiss" Ahn Young MIn Ahn Young Min Kim Tae Hyun  
8. "여보세요" ("Hello") Park Duk Sang Ahn Young Min Park Duk Sang  
9. "How to Love" (ft. Mario) Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho Hwang Sung Jin Lee Sang Ho  
10. "연락해요" ("Keep in Touch") Ahn Young Min Cho Young Soo Cho Young Soo  
11. "Happy!" Ahn Young Min Ahn Young Min Seo Jae Ha  
12. "죄와벌 Part.II" ("Sin and Punishment Part.II") Ahn Young Min Cho Young Soo Kim Tae Hyun  
13. "이토록 아름다운" ("As Wonderful As This") Kim Jin Ho Min Myung Ki Park Dong Kyu, Song Dae Gi  
14. "あいたい (아이타이)" ("I Miss You" Japanese Version) Aki Arai Cho Young Soo Cho Young Soo