My Swordhand Is Singing

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My Swordhand Is Singing
First edition cover
Author Marcus Sedgwick
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children's
Publisher Orion
Publication date
26 July 2006
Pages 224
ISBN 978-1-84255-183-7
OCLC 65469729

My Swordhand Is Singing is a novel written by Marcus Sedgwick, set in the early 17th century. It won the 2007 Booktrust Teenage Prize.[1] The novel is inspired by the original vampire folklore of Eastern Europe. The novel follows the story of Peter, the son of drunkard woodcutter Tomas, and his life in the seemingly normal village of Chust. He and his father travel from place to place, living a nomadic life. They have been working in Chust for over a year when things start to happen. Things unexplainable, but things Tomas seems to know about.... My Swordhand is Singing is a heart-rendering story of loss and redemption. The novel is written in the genre of Gothic Fiction, and Marcus Segdewick establish and maintains suspense and tension throughout.