My Wife's Best Friend

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My Wife's Best Friend
Directed byRichard Sale
Produced byRobert Bassler
Written byJohn Briard Harding
Screenplay byIsobel Lennart
StarringAnne Baxter
Macdonald Carey
Cecil Kellaway
Music byLeigh Harline
CinematographyLeo Tover
Edited byRobert L. Simpson
Distributed byTwentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Release date
October 10, 1952 (1952-10-10)
Running time
87 min.
CountryUnited States

My Wife's Best Friend is a 1952 comedy film directed by Richard Sale, starring Anne Baxter and Macdonald Carey, with Catherine McLeod in the titular role.

Plot summary[edit]

Virginia Mason (Anne Baxter) and George (Macdonald Carey), husband and wife from Mellford, Illinois, are passengers on an airliner for a second honeymoon in Hawaii. When the plane develops serious engine trouble, it looks like the end for everyone on board. Certain that he's facing an imminent demise, George confesses to Virginia that he's had an affair with her best friend Jane Richards (Catherine McLeod). Virginia mulls over several potential revenges in her mind, casting herself as various famous women of history. The plane lands safely, at which time Virginia learns that the "affair" was nothing more than a discreet flirtation.[1]



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