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Myford Ltd
Tool manufacturer
Genre Tool and die maker
Founded 1934 in Beeston, Nottinghamshire
Founder Cecil Moore
Headquarters Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Products Metal lathes
Number of employees

Myford Limited is a British machine tool manufacturer originally based in Beeston, Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom and notable for its production of metalworking lathes.[1]

The original name of the company was the Myford Engineering Company, having been founded by Cecil Moore in 1934.[2] [3]

Very few changes took place to the core product since 1953 when the Super 7 lathe was introduced, itself an improvement of the ML 7.[4] This model of lathe is still very widely used within the field of model engineering.[5]

Other products made by the company include ML8 wood turning lathe, 4" planer, MG12H cylindrical grinder, 254 engineers lathe and the Speed 10 lathe. Most of these are no longer in production

As of 2010 the business was still owned by the family, and run by Moore's grandson Christopher Moore.[6] During mid-July 2011 Myford announced a "liquidation sale" stating that it would be last opportunity to buy "spares, lathes and plant equipment" from Myford themselves at the Beeston site.[7]

Myford Ltd continues to run from their new base in West Yorkshire, where lathes are still built and refurbished.


Ian Mills, Notts County F.C.'s statistician, worked as an electrician at Myford until 2011.[8]

In 2013 property developers M & R E submitted outline planning condition for transforming the old Myford site at Wilmot Lane in Beeston into housing.[9]


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