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Myka Relocate
One man playing guitar, one man playing bass guitar, two men singing and one man playing drums on a stage
Myka Relocate performing in 2016
Background information
OriginLafayette, Louisiana, United States
Years active2007 (2007)–present
LabelsArtery Recordings
Razor & Tie
Associated actsI Am Architect
WebsiteMyka Relocate on Facebook
MembersAustin Doré
Dylan LeBlanc
Josh Peltier
John Ritter
Michael Swank
Past membersSam Albarado
Scott Badon
Luke Burleigh
Garrett Hawkins
Aaron Robertson

Myka Relocate is an American metalcore band based in Houston, Texas. Formed in 2007, the band has released two studio albums, Lies to Light the Way and The Young Souls in addition to taking part in four annual South by So What?! music festivals between 2012 and 2015[2][3][4][5] as well as the 2016 SO WHAT! Music Festival.[6] The band is credited with being able to successfully combine electronic music, guttural screaming and pop vocals.[1]


Michael Swank
John Ritter
Josh Peltier
Austin Doré
Dylan LeBlanc

Beginnings (2007–2012)[edit]

In 2007, Austin Doré, Sam Albarado and Garrett Hawkins [7] started Myka Relocate[1] in Lafayette, Louisiana. Shortly after, the band enlisted Tori Guidry at lead guitar.[not in citation given] In the early stages, the band had multiple short term bass players (Trevor Granger, Jack Taylor), before longtime bassist, Luke Burleigh, joined the band in 2008.[not in citation given] The band self-released an album in the summer of 2008 called Self Portrait as a Frozen Father.[8]

At this time the band's genre was post-hardcore.[citation needed] Shortly after the release of Self Portrait, Tori Guidry left the band.[not in citation given] The band operated as a four piece consisting of Hawkins (vocals), Doré (guitars), Burleigh (bass), and Albarado (drums) for the next eighteen months after Guidry's departure.[not in citation given] On 26 June 2009[9] the band self-released an EP called ...and of Monsters.[10]

In late 2009 vocalist Garett Hawkins posted a bulletin on MySpace announcing his departure from the band.[citation needed]

The band announced new vocalist Scott Badon[not in citation given] and rhythm guitarist Josh Peltier[7] and released one song titled "Take it Easy Mountain Face" to their MySpace page in 2010,[11] but shortly after the band was without a vocalist again.

After finding a loyal following in Lafayette, the band changed their base of operations to Houston, Texas (to draw a larger following) in 2010, adding vocalists John Ritter and Michael Swank[1] and adopted a metalcore sound[1][not in citation given]. Two years later, the group performed at South by So What?! music festival in Grand Prairie, Texas.[5]

The band was named after a phrase used in video game Call of Duty, in which a voice shouts "Sniper, Relocate". The band decided to change the pronunciation of the first word to "/ˈmkə/", but decided to spell the word as "Myka".[12][13]

Lies to Light the Way (2013-2014)[edit]

In early 2013,[14] Albarado and the group parted ways, with Aaron Robertson taking over on percussion.[1] In July of that year,[14] the band signed with Artery Recordings, a label distributed by Razor & Tie. The ensemble then worked with producer Cameron Mizell[1] at Chango Studios[14] to record their debut studio album.[1] In mid-September, the band announced the title of their album as Lies to Light the Way while publishing "Doublespeak", the first single from the album.[15] Preceded five days earlier by a full album stream,[16] the work was released on 29 October 2013,[17] reaching No.22 on Top Heatseekers.[18]

To start off 2014, the band released their first music video entitled "Something to Dream About".[19] In early 2015, the group published an acoustic version of the tune to accompany their music video.[20]

The Young Souls (2015-present)[edit]

On 24 September 2015, the band announced that their second album The Young Souls would be published in late October. That same day, the group released "New Again", the first single from the record.[21] Throughout the month of October, the ensemble released three consecutive singles from the album. "Cold Hearts", the second single from the album, was released on 8 October[22] with "Bring You Home" being published one week later[23] and "Damage" presented the week following.[24] On the Facebook page for the ensemble, the band announced a music video for "Nerve", released on 24 February 2016.[25]

In early 2016, bassist Luke Burleigh, drummer Aaron Robertson and the band parted ways.[6][26][27][28] From March until April 2016, the group toured the United States with Slaves, Capture the Crown,[29] Outline in Color and Conquer Divide[30] with "Scream Out Fest" at AgeHa (Shinkiba Studio Coast) in Shinkiba, Japan hosting the ensemble in early June 2016.[31]

The Young Souls Tour (2016)[edit]

In late June and early July 2016, the ensemble performed throughout the United States on The Young Souls Tour, the first national headline circuit for the group. Light Up The Sky and Out Came The Wolves joined as supporting acts.[32][33]

In late July 2016, the band indicated through their Facebook page that they plan to write new music soon.[34]

February Texas Tour (2017)[edit]

In early February 2017, the ensemble toured Texas, performing shows in Dallas, Austin and Houston.[35]

In late 2017, the band went on hiatus.






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