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Myra M. Hart is a founder of Staples, Inc. She graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in 1962 and a Harvard M.B.A. 1981. She obtained a DBA from Harvard University in 1995. She was a founding member of Staples, the office superstore. She served as a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School until retiring in 2006. She co-authored four books and developed more than 60 Harvard Business School cases[1]

In 1999 Hart was elected to the Cornell Board of Trustees and serves on the Investment Committee and the Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development. Hart is a director of the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, on the corporate Boards of Directors of Kraft[2] and Office Depot,[3] and on the Board of Advisors of AbsolutelyNew Inc..[4] Hart is a member of the Boston Club and the MIT Enterprise Council.