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Myscellus (Gr. Μύσκελλος or Μύσκελος) was a native of Rhypes, one of the twelve divisions of Achaea,[1] and, according to Ovid, a Heraclid, and the son of an Argive named Alemon (from whence he was called by the patronymic "Alemonides").[2] He led the colony which founded Crotona in 710 BC. They were assisted in founding the city by Archias, who was on his way to Sicily. The colony was led forth under the sanction of the Delphic oracle, Myscellus having previously been to survey the locality. He was so much better pleased with the site of Sybaris that on his return he made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade the Delphic god to allow the colonists to select Sybaris as their place of settlement.[3][4][5][6][7][8]


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