Mystic BBS

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Mystic BBS
Original author(s) James Coyle
Stable release 1.10 / Feb 20 2015
Development status Current
Written in FreePascal
Operating system DOS, Windows, OS/2, OS X, Linux
Platform IA_32, x86-64, ARM
Type BBS
License Proprietary freeware GPLv3

Mystic BBS is a bulletin board system software program that began in 1994. Mystic was the first DOS-based BBS software program to support a native telnet server. It has since been ported to Microsoft Windows, OS/2, OS X, and Linux.

Some of the more notable features of Mystic BBS include:

  • Integrated Telnet, FTP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, BINKP servers
  • Full 5D compliant BSO mailer and tosser, including BINKP and FTP mailer
  • Offers built in AreaFix and FileFix functionality
  • Integrated QWK and QWKE networking via FTP
  • Proprietary scripting language called Mystic Programming Language (MPL).
  • Dynamic menus including menu editor, and fully customizable prompts.
  • Multiple user-selectable themes.
  • DOOR32 support (James Coyle was one of the original authors of DOOR32) in addition to various DOS-type door formats.
  • Automatic random ANSI display (i.e. ansi.ans, ansi.an1, ansi.an2, etc. would display randomly).
  • A fully featured ACS (access control system) and MCI display codes
  • Highly integrated with ANSI graphics including full screen editor, lightbar menus, lightbar file listings and message reading.
  • Advanced, feature-rich JAM and Squish message base system with QWK/QWKE offline mail.
  • Multiple platform distributions available including Windows, OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi (ARM Linux)

For more features see

Attracted to the flexibility and potential that the scripting language provides, a number groups, such as ACiDic BBS modding, Cyberia, Demonic, DoRE, Vanguard, wOE!mODDING and Wicked formed for the sole purpose of writing BBS mods for SysOps who run Mystic.

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Bulletin Board Systems[edit]

Here's a small selection of BBS that currently use Mystic software (alphabetical by BBS name):

To connect to these systems a good Telnet client such as NetRunner is recommended.