Mystic BBS

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Mystic BBS
Original author(s) James Coyle
Stable release
1.11 / Nov 06 2015
Development status Current
Written in FreePascal
Operating system DOS, Windows, OS/2, OS X, Linux
Platform IA_32, x86-64, ARM
Type BBS
License Proprietary freeware

Mystic BBS is a bulletin board system software program that began in 1994. Mystic was the first DOS-based BBS software program to support a native telnet server. It has since been ported to Microsoft Windows, OS/2, OS X, and Linux.

Some of the more notable features of Mystic BBS include:

  • Integrated Telnet, FTP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, BINKP servers
  • Full 5D compliant BSO mailer and tosser, including BINKP and FTP mailer
  • Offers built in AreaFix and FileFix functionality and full fileecho support.
  • Integrated QWK and QWKE networking via FTP
  • Proprietary scripting language called Mystic Programming Language (MPL).
  • Embedded PYTHON programming language
  • DOS CP437 and UTF8 character translations
  • Dynamic menus including menu editor, and fully customizable prompts.
  • Multiple user-selectable themes.
  • DOOR32 support (James Coyle was one of the original authors of DOOR32) in addition to various DOS-type door formats.
  • Automatic random ANSI display (i.e. ansi.ans, ansi.an1, ansi.an2, etc. would display randomly).
  • A fully featured ACS (access control system) and MCI display codes
  • Highly integrated with ANSI graphics including full screen editor, lightbar menus, lightbar file listings and message reading.
  • Advanced, feature-rich JAM message base system with QWK/QWKE offline mail.
  • Multiple platform distributions available including Windows, OS X, Linux and ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc)

For more features see

Attracted to the flexibility and potential that the scripting language provides, a number groups, such as ACiDic BBS modding, Cyberia, Demonic, DoRE, Vanguard, wOE!mODDING and Wicked formed for the sole purpose of writing BBS mods for SysOps who run Mystic.

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Bulletin Board Systems[edit]

Here's a small selection of BBS that currently use Mystic software (alphabetical by BBS name):

To connect to these systems a good Telnet client such as NetRunner is recommended.