Mystic Braves

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Mystic Braves
Mystic Braves in Boyle Heights, California
Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresPsychedelic rock[1]
Years active2011 (2011)–present
  • Julian Ducatenzeiler
  • Mikey Whiteside
  • Shane Stotsenberg
  • Ignacio Gonzales
Past members
  • Cameron Gartung
  • Tony Malacara
  • Dan Solis

The Mystic Braves are an American psychedelic rock band, formed by Julian Ducatenzeiler and Tony Malacara in 2011 and based in Los Angeles. The band cites the Seeds, the Zombies, the Beatles, Ultimate Spinach, along with garage rock and surf rock as influences.[2]


Mystic Braves was founded in 2011 under the name Blackfeet Braves by friends Julian Ducatenzeiler, Dan Solis and Tony Malacara when they started going to shows together in the Los Angeles area.[3] The three later met Shane Stotsenberg and Cameron Gartung after a show in Venice.[3] The band put its debut self-titled record out in 2013 and continued gaining popularity in the Southern California music scene, which led to Mystic Braves opening for the English rock band the Zombies.[4] Organ player and co-founder of Lolipop Records[who?] eventually joined the band and they started to gain momentum in Los Angeles and abroad, especially in the garage rock and psychedelic revival scenes.[1]

In 2014, the band issued their sophomore album, Desert Island, which was released on Lolipop Records.[5] Blackfeet Braves were then sued by Lynyrd Skynyrd's former drummer, Rickey Medlocke, who has a band called Blackfoot, leading them to rebrand themselves as the Mystic Rabbits, after one of their earlier songs, to eventually settling on a mix of the two names, Mystic Braves.[6] The band enjoyed international success with the release of Desert Island, and toured the US and Europe several times over the next two years.[7]

In 2015, the band's third release Days of Yesteryear was produced by Rob Campanella in his Echo Park studio.[8]

In 2018, the band released The Great Unknown, produced by Kyle Mullarky at his studio in Topanga Canyon, California and at Lolipop Records' new studio/compound in East Los Angeles.[9]

In 2022, their fifth album, Pacific Afterglow, was released.[9]



Mystic Braves Not On Label LPOP167 2013
Desert Island Lolipop Records,

Burger Records

LPOP090 2014
Days of Yesteryear Lolipop Records LPOP105 2015
The Great Unknown Lolipop Records LPOP313 2018
Pacific Afterglow LP 2022

Singles and EPs

"Please Let Me Know" Lolipop Records none 2013
"Ponte Bajo El Sol" Lolipop Records none 2019
"I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree" Lolipop Records none 2019
"It's Gonna Be Easy" Lolipop Records none 2019

Compilation albums

Mystic Braves / Desert Island (Cass, Comp) Lolipop Records LPOP167 Unknown



  • Julian Ducantenzeiler – lead vocals, guitar, (2011–present)
  • Shane Stotsenburg – guitar, backing vocals (2011–present)
  • Ignacio Gonzales – bass, organ, guitar, vocals, tambourine (2013–present)


  • Cameron Gartung – drums, percussion, electronics (2012–2020)
  • Tony Malacara – vocalist/bassist (2011–2019; Injured)
  • Dan Solis – drums (2011–2012)



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